16/09/2020 - Invited presentation






As a part of the International online conference "Role of Psychology in fighting COVID-19 Pandemic: international perspective, Tom Van Daele gave a presentation highlighting preliminary results of a large internatonal survey which was held by the Project Group in the spring of 2020, focusing on online consultations. This conference was organized by the Russian Psychological Society, the Faculty of Psychology of Lomonosov Moscow State University, supported by the Russian Academy of Education, and held under auspice of International Union of Psychological Sciences (IUPsyS) and European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA).

Look at the full videorecording, or download the slides.

29/04/2020 - Webinar






The COVID-19 pandemic crisis forces psychologists to take their consultations (partly) online, in order to continue to provide care. Over 200 participants who wanted to know more about online treatment and the possibilities of online consultations could follow this free EFPA webinar with contributions from Angelo Compare, Lise Haddouk, Maria Karekla & Tom Van Daele.

During the 1-hour webinar participants received a brief introduction on:

  • The known effectiveness of online consultations.
  • The benefits and pitfalls of online therapy.
  • How and what you need to get started with online therapy.
  • How to communicate online with your patients, plus concrete tips and tricks.

In addition, there was room to ask questions during a Q&A. 

Look at the full videorecording, or download the slides.

05/07/2019 - Russia









The taskforce was involved in 2 panel discussions during ECP 2019 in Moscow.


15/11/2018 - Cyprus


Our first symposium took place at the University of Cyprus. Below you may find the announcement and the slides of the presentations: