David Gosar

David Gosar, PhD, PsyD, is a clinical psychologist working at the Department of Child, Adolescent and Developmental Neurology at the University Children’s Hospital in Ljubljana. His main research interests lie in the domains of developmental neuropsychology and neuroimaging. His research is aimed at understanding the neurobiological mechanism with underlie the cognitive, affective and social functioning of children and adolescents with different neurological and neuro-developmental disorders such as epilepsy, autism, neuromuscular diseases and specific genetic syndromes. In his work he also focuses on interventions for patients and families and has a keen interest in the etiology of dissociative and somatoform disorders. In addition to his interest in the field of neuropsychology, he is also pursues his professional interests in the domains of psychometrics and e-psychology. In collaboration with Slovenian test publishers he has been involved in the development and adaptation of numerous internationally recognized psychological assessment tools. He is also a member of the Slovenian test commission, advising the Slovenian Psychological Society on the practice of psychological assessment. As a member of the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) Project group on e-psychology he also strives to help incorporate advancements in the field of e-psychology, data science and information technology into main stream psychology in an ethically responsible and scientifically rigorous fashion.